The Grunewald Family

The Grunewald Family

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Papa John, Grandma Dee & Grandpa Max

This last weekend we had more family come to town! Papa John, Grandma Dee & Grandpa Max came up to see us last Saturday for Max's Basketball game. I always love getting to see our just does something good for my heart. We have LOTS of great family and we are blessed when any of them can come "play" with us! Max had a great game and made 4 baskets. He does a great job on defense and is really learning how to play the game! He told me so far it is his favorite sport :)

Sutton is dying to play a sport...we couldn't find him a team to play on, so if nothing else, we are going to let him go to a soccer "class".

After Max's game on Saturday, Greg took both Max & Sutton to Stillwater for an OSU basketball game. They had a ball and the best part was that they got to spend the day in Stillwater with Papa John, Gma Dee & Gpa Max! Papa John spoiled the boys with hats, bears and treats at the game. I love that the boys are getting to make such great memories with our family. I want them to know our family intently and love them deeply. After the game, they ate dinner at Eskimo Joe's (which is a big treat for the boys). It was a fun day for all! Lots of great memories!

Luke and I stayed in good ole T-town because, well, Luke doesn't really enjoy sitting still for games. I enjoyed my one on one time with him. He took a nap and it was a good productive business day for me while he slept!

So thankful for our family and all of the miles they put on the highway to come see us!

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